Friday, July 19, 2013

the best 6 Steps to diet water

Diet water, cold water is one of the latest methods used today in the science of slimming and is one of the ways that appeal to many people who would like to melt the fat, and is a system that does not require a person lack of quantity consumed by the food and do not exercise sport - and if these two things remain important to maintain good health - all on the person to do is to drink cold water in the right way.

How it works diet water
The idea behind the diet is water that a person who drinks cold water forced his body to burn more calories to heat the water and deliver it to the normal body temperature is 37 degrees Celsius. And whenever the water is colder whenever I need the body to greater effort to heated and is thus burn more calories and therefore losse weight, on the other hand, the drinking water helps to a feeling of fullness, which helps to reduce the food we eat without the need to resist hunger. There is another benefit of water is to help him get rid of the toxins that fill the body by facilitating the work of the kidneys and the body in general. 0
Steps diet water application
To be successful, our ally must abide by the rules of diet

1 - Select the appropriate water temperature, water should be cool enough, but that does not reach the degrees cold so that the body can afford coolness without the side effects, and the best temperature is usually 10 degrees Celsius. 0
2 - drink a glass or two glasses of water 40 minutes before each meal.
3 - Be sure to drink a liter and a half of water per day.
4 - to calculate the calories burned body: Vaissal half a liter of water to body temperature needs about 12 calories, ie you burn 36 calories per day or 4500 per year and is the equivalent of the loss of one kilogram per year, and this is just by water heating, and can be a feeling of fullness, which is caused by a diet of water of much greater weight loss. 0
5 - Keep your fitness and must decrease of the amount of food you eat during meals to be more effective diet.
6 - for quick results can fasting and drinking water at breakfast and limited to a small meal and then Asahor, and there are way more radical based on drinking water alone for a certain period and has the Shaykh al-Albani losing more than 20 kilos after having lived 40 days does not drink nothing but Zamzam water. Despite the validity of some cases it is better not to do this experience before consulting a doctor.

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