Sunday, August 25, 2013

List of the most expensive old cars in the world historical

Figures and fictional prices for old cars but historic in nature and have a special luster as it is considered unique the piece is considered the most expensive cars sold in the world.
list of the most expensive old cars
1- 1936 bugatti ytpe 57c atlantic  sold by : $43.7 million 
2- 1963 ferrari 250 gto  sold by : $ 19.4 million 
3-1957 ferrari testa rossa sold by $ 16.4 million 
4- 1931 bugatti kellner coupe sold by $ 19.4 million 
5- 1936 mercedse 540k  sold by $ 11.7 million 
6- 1968 ford gt40 sold by $11 million 
7- 1961 ferrari 250gt swb cakifornia spyder  sold by $ 10.9 million 
8- 1931 desenbreg model j murphy - bodied coupe sold by $ 10.34 million 
9-1931 bugatti royale berline sold by $8.9 million

10- 1965 shelby daytona cobra sold by $ 7.6 million 

amazing cars price

I think a lot of people do not imagine how someone pay a sum of the amounts past that have been paid a price for those cars that are not only used as a kind of luxuries I to think I could think of just thinking about buying a car from those cars but there are loves those things I do not know why?

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